Japanese Wave Dial Mod

Japanese Wave Dial Mod
31 July 2020 George
In Builds

I naturally gravitate towards Marinemaster dials. I can’t help it. They’re clean and elegant with excellent legibility and a timeless design. My daily build is based around a white MM dial.

The Japanese Wave dial is a bautifully textured aftermarket Marinemaster dial that plays with the light depending on the viewing angle. It’s made by the Dial Maker and for an aftermarket dial it has better than average C3/C1 lume.

This particular example is built on an SRPD55K donor with matching Marinemaster hands. It’s a very simple build with the standard crystal left in place to retain the factory 100m water resistance and with the standard bezel which pleasingly makes this look like a factory Marinemaster release.

This watch sold to a very happy customer in Brisbane who had been searching for a mod with just this dial for a long time. A happy ending.

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