Pulsometer and Asthmometer SKX Bezel Insert

Pulsometer and Asthmometer SKX Bezel Insert
2 June 2024 George

I recently took on a job to build a funky two tone Tuna that required a pulsometer insert. The design of the insert, and whole build mind you, is based on an old assembly job I had a couple of years ago. Finding the same insert was a challange so I resorted to making a resin version. None of this would have been possible without the assistance of a customer of mine who is a doctor and guided me along the way. A big thanks for your help. 🙂


I’m glad I made the effort as it gently nudged me into a more serious interest into custom bezel inserts. I’m no stranger to making inserts having previously made some for my One Seven One and Countdown builds. This time around though it made me open my eyes to what else I can make and how I can add value for my customers and their custom watches. I’ve already completed a new design which I’ll post shortly and I’m working on a third.

For the pulsometer and asthmometer I ended up designing three seperate version. The first is based on the original design with abbreviated text instructions. The second, and my personal favourite, has emoticon instructions. The third has the obligatory pretentious French instructions.

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