Welcome to Koda Watches

I provide a wide range of modding and custom watch building services from design and manufacture of custom dial and bezel inserts, to a bezel change, a sapphire crystal upgrade, laser engraving, dial and hands replacement, or a full custom build.

Customise Your Watch Your Way

There is something for everyone, from monogram dials as gifts or to mark special occasions, striking unique designs not available from retail watches, or specific use bezel inserts. It’s an affordable way to own your ideal watch built to custom specifications.

Create something special & unique!

A scratch build is the ultimate expression of your taste. Let’s work together to create a unique timepiece from concept to wrist. With a full custom build you not only create a treasured timepiece but also a special bond with your mechanical watch.

How it works

Plan the Build

We start with a discussion about your ideas for the build. If you’re unsure of the final design I’m more than happy to offer my advice about parts availability and compatibility. Once the design is finalised we’ll move on to sourcing the parts and building your custom watch.

Acquire Parts

I’m often ordering parts from various sources and I usually meet minimum order amounts to receive free shipping. If you’re ordering through me these savings are passed on to you, as are the parts at cost price, so you know you’re always getting the best deal.

Build & Test

Once I have everything I need the fun stuff begins. I use quality tools to achieve the best results and I take pride in building your watch. Every watch that crosses my workbench is treated as if it were my own and is tested and double checked prior to delivery.


I always use express postal services (and strongly recommend you do too) to reduce the time your watch spends in the postal system. All watches are sent with signature on delivery. If you are based in Sydney we can arrange for pick up and drop off in person.

Built with passion, to be worn with pride

Why choose Koda Watches?


I love modding watches and enjoy the whole experience from customer interaction, scouring the internet for unique and interesting parts, and of course, building something special that you will treasure. I consider the process as part payment so you’ll find my rates to be very reasonable for the amount of work I actually put in to deliver a unique watch to you.


I took apart my first mechanical movement in 2011. I was simply curious to see how these miniature mechanical marvels worked and I set myself the challenge to strip, oil and assemble a movement. After the first one was completed I never looked back – and yes, they’ve all kept great time! I have been fascinated by horology ever since, even going so far as building wooden clocks.


Working on watches takes a certain level of patience, care, and an OCD nature. Scrutinising components at 10x magnification and hunting for the tiniest of dust particles is a large part of modding watches. Dust is present everywhere and that’s OK, but it’s not welcome inside your watch. I take all necessary precautions to not only deliver a functioning watch, but also a clean one.


I try my best to give you accurate turnaround times and not to overpromise and underdeliver. Usually the bit that takes the longest is the wait for your parts which come from all over the world. I keep some commonly used parts in stock but, as many of your creations are unique, we often have to wait for some parts to arrive, or to be made, before I can complete your build.


Part of my service to you is advice – if you need it. If you know exactly what you want then my part is limited to making sure everything is compatible for a seamless build. If you’re unsure of the style you’d like, or simply aren’t aware of what’s available and where to source it from, I am more than happy to offer my advice.


Once we agree on a design and the parts have been ordered I will keep you updated on any issues that may arise. If you don’t hear from me, that’s a good thing! Some builds are so quick there is no need for updates but where the process will take a bit of time I like to stay in touch and keep you in the loop.


I’m an active member of the watch modding community and do my best to promote this rewarding hobby of ours. As a lot of my business is word of mouth and our community is tightly knit, you can be guaranteed I will look after you. Follow me on Instagram for more timely content.


Watches are as delicate as they are beautiful. It would be an absolute shame to see one get damaged in transit so I take the delivery part of the process as seriously as the build. I use appropriate packing materials to keep them safe in transit and I only use express services to reduce the time your watch spends in the postal service.

Let’s Build Your Custom Watch

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