Seiko SNXG65 – My First Seiko

Seiko SNXG65 – My First Seiko
29 October 2020 George

Many of us start our mechanical watch collecting with a Seiko 5. I’m no different. In 2011 I took an interest in horology and sought out some cheap vintage Russian watches and a DIY watch repair kit. I disassembled a few and found that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My next step up into a more advanced mechanical movement was the classic 7S26. I sought out a Seiko 5 and travelled a fair distance to purchase this SNXG65.

I’ve worn it and have loved it with its scratches and all since 2011. It was my gateway into Seiko and it speaks to the genious of the company to offer excellent value mechanical watches for millions to enjoy and form a bond with their products and their brand right when they start to appreciate mechanical watches. Many I’m sure are Seiko fans decades later because of the venerable 5.

My purchase coincided with an excellent DIY project guide posted by Nicholas Hako late in 2011. It is still up, still relevant, and it can be found here. I spent a good number of hours going back and forth through those few pages packed with information on the 7S.

I recently picked up the SNXG65 and decided to freshen it up with a new crystal. I did try to resist changing anything else but unfortunately caved in when I had a dial left over which just looked right in the case.

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