Seiko SKX007 – The way it should have been sold

Seiko SKX007 – The way it should have been sold
17 August 2020 George
In Builds

Brett wanted an original looking mod for his SKX007 and it doesn’t get better than this. A simple coin edge bezel with a high quality ceramic insert around a DD AR sapphire crystal. It screams factory and classic looks which I personally love.

The chapter ring was secured in place to aid alignment so I guess that’s not factory… I’m not the first to wonder why Seiko have ignored the alignment issue for all these years when the fix surely can’t be too difficult for a company that manufactures every single component in their watches.

An unexpected surprise on this mod was the discovery of a crushed crystal gasket. The watch is one month old and has only been worn a couple of times according to its owner.


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