Koda XII

Koda XII
28 November 2022 George

The other day I made a Big Pilot with a 6498 movement in a 44mm case. Well, that looked like a flying saucer on my small wrist so over the weekend I revised the dial for a more suitable 36mm case. I took the opportunity to add minute markers and even lumed the numbers on the dial.

I didn’t want to use pilot hands so I picked these dauphine style ones, stripped the lume and used the same powder as the dial for consistency. While I had the lume off I checked them on the dial and I actually liked the look. The hands have polished edges, brushed tops, and with the centres blank they have great legibility. Maybe next time… For now, I painted the hour and minute hands to give them a floating effect and painted the S orange in keeping with the theme.

The movement is an NH with a date at 6. It can also be made with an ETA 2824 and I had one of those sitting around but I’m saving it for another project. I’ve really grown to love the date at 6 look. It allows for a more balanced and symmetrical design and it appeals to my OCD.

I can see this design working well with many other colour accents. Yellow is one that is calling to me and I might make that variation with a non lumed dial and hollowed hour and minute hands.

Edit: I couldn’t resist making the non lumed version with hollowed hands. I think I prefer this version and will be keeping this one for the collection.

I’m learning something new with every design. The takeaway from this one has been all about proportions. It’s an endless battle and I’ve come to realise 0.1mm can make a difference.

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