Koda Stealth Date

Koda Stealth Date
14 December 2022 George

A Roman numerals gilt dial with the date window integrated into the III marker. I imagined the III as a date window border and it was this simple idea that set me on the path to creating this watch. I was keen to see how it would look on the first of the month as the 1 would complete the III marker. Simple things for simple minds…

I kept the rest of the dial clean with no minute markers or text above the 6. I even made a sterile version to see what it would look like. Here it is with an early version of the hands.

The hands ended up being a dauphine variation and took some effort to cut and finish. The middle prong on the hour hand has a very skinny support for the rectangular tip. Gave me hell but, as always, persistence paid off. I really wanted that tip to have a floating effect. I’m calling them the 321 handset. No points for guessing why.

Someone on Instagram commented that two tone watches are for 45+ year olds. Must be why I’ve started to enjoy them recently. Despite my newfound two tone love, I went with an all silver case in the end. Makes it wearable in more situations and I do like the Jubilee paired with the Roman numerals.

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