Koda Fabric Dial

Koda Fabric Dial
7 January 2023 George

Now this was a fun build…

I was picking up my kids and saw this fabric on my parents’ kitchen bench. I said why not… so here is why not. From my parents’ curtains to my wrist. Literally a curtain fabric dial.

I was planning to add some hour markers and try to flesh it out a bit more but in the end I really liked how the mockup looked so I ran with a sterile design. The Jubilee bracelet was definately the only choice runnig through my head as I was planning the build and sure enough it suits the aesthetic well. A fluted bezel will look great with this bracelet. Maybe with the next one…

The fabric was thin but looks like it has a lot of depth which was key in both fitting and the overall impact it has. It’s glued onto a base plate so there is no risk of fibers getting into the movement. The fibers on the top were singed with a torch to remove any risk of them floating up onto the crystal or snagging on the hands.


The hand stack has plenty of clearance and the crown is well centred despite the slightly thicker than usual dial which came in at around 0.6mm.

It recevied a lot of interest and I hope to see many variations on the style from other watch builders. One acquaintance commented that it would made an excellent wedding momento for the bride and groom using fabric from their wedding dress and suit. A novel idea and perhaps I’ll get to make a set one day.

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  1. Akram 1 year ago

    For the fabric dial design, it is available in what case diameter? and plus what movement used for this design?

    • Author
      George 1 year ago

      They’re available in a 36mm or a 40mm case. I typically use an NH38 for the fabric ones which doesn’t have the date wheel so no ghost position with the crown.

  2. Meshal 11 months ago

    i want one how much and how long it takes, Thank you.

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