Koda A – PRX Stainless Steel Dial

Koda A – PRX Stainless Steel Dial
4 January 2024 George

I decided to take a couple of days off for new years. While resting an idea crystallized for a personal PRX build. My focus is a bit obsessive when that happens and the only remedy is to see it through to completion. Fortunately I had a PRX handy I could break in case of emergency.

The dial design is a deritave of my Countdown from a couple of months ago and is consistent in style with much of my previos work. While it’s not a new design, I did tweak the proportions and came up with an interesting stainless steel finish.




I’ve had this 35mm PRX sitting on my shelf, unworn, for a few months now. I almost bought a Powermatic 80 in the 35 size but I’ve got plenty of automatic watches and the big appeal of the quartz, apart from the slimmer profile, is that it’s always ready to pick up and just wear. It’s lightweight and peerfectly balanced making it the ultimate daily wear.

The A indices are a big part of the appeal for me and I decided to use them on the clasp and the caseback. Being a personal build I used my handwriting to mark the design and build dates.

Had I left the hands lumed the design would have fallen short and it would have always bugged me. The black centre line was actually one of the first things I thought of and modified. Had it not worked I may have given up on the build alltogether. It was a critical element which I fell in love with from vintage watches like the Seiko Lord Matic 5606 I briefly owned in early 2023. Not every watch needs lume and I think this one is all the better for not having any. The polished hour markers with their black borders perfectly match the polished hands with their black centre lines and it all comes together to create an understated design that’s highly legible and pleasing… to me. I suspect this one will be a regular on my wrist.

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  1. Simon Wong 3 months ago

    Amazing pattern dial. The Grand Seiko’s from the 60-70s have the black centre ridge on the hands. My 1968 45GS is so clear to read because of this stripe.

    • Author
      George 3 months ago

      Yep, it adds a lot of legibility and just general interest to the hands. 🙂

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