Koda Countdown

Koda Countdown
17 October 2023 George

Dual time scale countdown design – a work in progress.

The insert has two time scales counting down minutes or hours.



As an example, line up the 30 minute mark with the minute hand to count down to zero. Your time has elapsed when the minute hand reaches the triangle. This is the traditional scale of a countdown insert.

I’ve added a second scale for hours. Set the 2 marker to the hour hand and when the hour hand reaches the circle on the insert you know it’s time to move your car from that 2 hour parking spot… as an example.

The hour scale is split into quarters so you can time 15 minute increments with reasonable accuracy. I’ve marked 2 hours but you can easily time higher increments by counting backwards, eg. To time 6 hours set the 15 minute marker to the hour hand and when the hour hand reaches the circle 6 hours have elapsed. It might sound confusing at first but once you get the idea it only takes seconds to count up the hours you want to set. The same can be done with the minutes. I’ve only marked up to 40 but you can easily measure beyond that.

I designed and built 3 revisions over the weekend and no doubt there will be more if my OCD has anything to do with it. The fourth version is already drawn up and it includes succinct instructions engraved on the caseback for a bit of fun. I’ve also etched my logo on the crown and I’m working on something for the clasp.

The case is 38mm and based on the SKX013 system but it’s easily scalable to the larger SKX007 cases, or any other rotating bezel case. I built this for myself, hence the 38mm case, and I’m finally using the bezel of one of my watches… ^.^

Incidentally, I’m liking this dial on its own for the legibitlity and clean look. Might even case this up in a thin 36mm case.

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