Blue Steel

Blue Steel
18 June 2024 George

I use a Mopa fiber laser which can output colour but I haven’t really exploited this part of the machine. I found some downtime to have a play and found some consistent colours I can etch on stainless.

Not wasting any time I reached for the nearest cheap watch and went to work designing something to feature the colour and compliment the watch I selected which was a Merkur with a Dirty Dozen design and a hand wind Tongji movement.

I was really pleased with the blue, and also with the silver etching on top of the blue – lots of contrast to exploit for future builds. The hands were lumed with Bergeon blue which was a close enough match to the dial. Apart from the dial design, a standout for me is the Bonklip bracelet which I’ve been using with other watches as well. It’s very comfortable and makes for a fantastic summer option as it breathes like no other bracelet.

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