Tissot PRX Powermatic 40mm Custom Dial

Tissot PRX Powermatic 40mm Custom Dial
6 January 2023 George

The PRX line of Tissot watches have been a very popular affordable option since they hit the market recently, and with good reason. They are great quality at an affordable price – especially the quartz models.

I received a commission to do something creative with the dial late into 2022. The customer wanted a sterile look with an interesting pattern. After some back and forth we settled on this design.

It’s a tightly packed criss cross pattern that disappears at distance and changes shade depending on the angle. The date window is bordered by white and his initials are mirrored at the 9.

Simple and interesting. While sterile dials are not for everyone, this one seems to have attracted a lot of interest going off of the reaction on Instagram.

Comments (4)

  1. Wan 12 months ago

    Hi how much would it cost to get the similar job done on PRX? Do you have dark red dial in similar dial surface? Lastly is it possible to engrave a picture on the dial?

    • Author
      George 12 months ago

      Hi, Please send me an email via the contact page. I believe I can help.

  2. Ibrahim 9 months ago

    How much , and how long will take to send it to United Arab Emirates

    • Author
      George 9 months ago

      Hello. Please email me via the contact page and I will get back to you with a price and lead time. Thanks.

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