Big Numbers in Brushed Silver

Big Numbers in Brushed Silver
30 June 2022 George

After building the Big Numbers in a black case I wanted to see one in brushed silver. It got in my head earlier this week and I had to get it out.

I tried to keep it loud but restrained… if that makes sense. There’s some subtle logo engraving on the crown, clasp, and on the seconds pinion cap. I didn’t have suitable hands so I challenged myself to cut some and, well, it was a challenge. The dial is a sandwich type with a black base and silver vertical brushing on top to match the bezel brushing.

The caseback was last and, as odd as it might sound, made the watch for me. I wanted it to reflect the overall aesthetic of loud but restrained. I used a circle to mimic the edge of a crystal and, just like the numbers at the front, the 819 (Big) numbers logo is busting out beyond its edges.

I’m pleased to see this one out of my head and onto my wrist.

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