Koda Burgundy Two-Tone

Koda Burgundy Two-Tone
3 November 2022 George

I’ve never considered a burgundy colour dial, let alone a two-tone watch, as something I would like to own. Recently though I worked on a Seiko SRPD69 and the warm tones appealed to me.

This dial design started as a pilot type but I took the basic layout and edited it for the burgundy build. This is a draft prior to some tweaks to the handset.


The dial is made out of brass and the warm gold tones really suit the burgundy colour. The brass is a bit overexposed in this photo making them look more silver than gold.

I didn’t want an all gold case and all silver didn’t look right either so I cobbled togehter this case from some spare parts and two different cases.

While not an everyday type of a watch, when the occasion calls it will surely stand out in the watchbox, begging to be worn.

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